Saturday, August 7, 2010

Colors of Gaya

June 6, 2010:

Sunday Morning,
A busy morning at the Gaya Street,
Noises are everywhere,
Blind singers sing a merrily song,
Traders are shouting, trying to lure many customers,
Some of them just sit down waiting patiently,
Expecting their products will attract customers.

Gaya Street on Sunday morning

Blind couple play guitar and sing

A visitor is walking along the aisle,
Looking at little vases displayed on the wooden tables,
Pick touch and admiring,
Many choices hard to decide,
Once decided it is time to bargain,
The cheapest the better,
Satisfy hell presto the cute Sabah vase is sold.

A cute nice vase from Sabah

Smells of local fruits fill in the air,
“Tarap”, banana and other local fruits are gathered on pavement,
An old lady guards the fruits,
Smoking her “sigup” while cracking a beetle nut,
For her to chew with “Sireh”,
At a coner street, a painter is painting,
Painting the scared Mount Kinabalu.

Local fruits

Beautiful painted pictures of Mount Kinabalu

Bracelets, necklaces and pearls,
Women favorite jewelries,
Ray of sunlight shines on a bracelet,
Showing its beautiful sparkling colors, that mesmerizing many onlookers,
Antique brasses, gongs, plates, old vases and pets,
Cheap Sabah T-shirt, hand watches, souvenirs,
All can be found here.

Fishes and lady in green

Black, blue, red and purple pendant

Sabah magnets

Big blue fan

Pearl necklaces

Wind chimes

A colorful batik beg

Antique brass bells

Tagung gong

Beautiful butterfly

Want to have a cute rabbit???

Colorful pants

Seashells seashore

It’s almost noon,
Some of the traders start to pack their things,
Numbers of tourist and visitors are receding,
The colors of Gaya is fading,
Noises begin to diminish,
It is the end of a Tamu,
But, it will emerge again on next Sunday,
Emerge as the Tamu Gaya of Kota Kinabalu City.

Empty Gaya Street after noon

Kopiruba waguu.......


Aku cuba mok berkarya kejap..Malaz mok mengarang ku polah lah dalam bentuk puisi. Cubaan pertama dari aku. Nang susah mok membayangkan macam ni rupa Tamu Gaya. Aku engkah lah gambar-gambar menarik yang ku ambik ari Ahad time Tamu ya di buka…


AmirFX said...

best karya ktk.. Kipidap the gud work..

suituapui said...

I love Gaya Street, strooling from one end to the other...Sunday morning, browsing at all the interesting things stall after stall... Haven't been to KK for some 3-4 years now. Miss all that!