Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Beginning

November 2009, a chat conversation between Anne in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and me in Baton Rouge, LA

Anne : Dency, you are in the States now. Why don't you create your own personal blog for me to read. I'm sure you will have many activities and stories that you can get there. Share with all of us. Put more pictures in every post.
Me : I will think it over.

December 30, 2009, Kuching

It took a month for me to decide whether to blog or not. Agustus Sapen (his own blog, one of the Sarawak bloggers told me about the goodness of blogging. After thinking over and over again and plus suggestions from both of them, I decided to create my own blog. This blog will be a collection of stories and thoughts about my research, life and anything else that will come to my mind.
Further, I can use my blog to improve my writing composition in English. It just like I kill two birds with one stone.

Before ending my first post I would like to say Happy New Year 2010 to you all and ENJOY BLOGGING with me

Improvements and New Adventures
By: Soulful Shee M. G.

The New Year is now here
Let us take a bow as we cheer
New adventures are in the air
In our hearts let us be sincere

Improvements are to be gained
Move aside don't detain
Must I explain
It is peace we need

Free Flowing in our loving veins...

As the NEW Year can show
as we continue to grow
Trying new things
is like the gentle succession of carving

For the first time we made a
New York Cheesecake
A long feat to accomplish
Make no mistake

After one hour in the oven
you must patiently wait five more
for the consistency of gelling
I just wish we had enough for sharing

Enjoy! Your NEW Adventures!
as we stay kinder to one another
for it is unity that we are all after
as we plant our spiritual anchors!

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