Sunday, January 17, 2010

A lonely mother in Baton Rouge

I would like to share a story about a woman who lives near to my neighborhood.

The first time I saw her was 2months ago on the LSU Sunday Bus. A weird woman for me as she has a very funny hairstyle just like Queen Cleopatra. Even, she applied heavy make up exactly like an Egyptian woman. I could say that she is a re-carnation of Queen Cleopatra but lives in Baton Rouge, LA.

On one Sunday afternoon, I have a chance to talk to her. The beginning of our conversation, I already assumed she is such a friendly woman. She is a single mother with a daughter the same age with me. Our conversation became heavier when she talked about her previous life as a dancer in Hollywood and Baton Rouge. She opted to the job as she needed money to raise her daughter who was at that time under care of her mother in Baton Rouge. When her daughter became a young woman and married, Madam "Cleopatra" (I like to call her with that name) changed her career to become a painter in LSU.

To shorten my story, since I love make up, she showed me her make up kit. While I was checking her make up kit, she told me that she was lonely and I reminded her of her daughter.
From her eyes, I could see that she totally missed her daughter. I asked Madam Cleopatra whether she did call her daughter. She did but when she made a phone call, her daughter was not at home. Eventhough she tried for the next day, she could not reach her daughter. I could sense they have personal issues. I hugged her and told her that her daughter would call her back. The moment I told that to her, she smiled again.

p/s: Love your mum and other family members. When you are far away from them, you will tend to miss them so much. I realize that DISTANT can make us appreciate the things we have now!!!!

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